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Why am i doing this research?


When the topic of dissertation first came up, there was panic as essays are not my strongest area, however the more I thought through the idea and talked to staff I realised that the writing did not have to be a boring, stuffy essay and topic but a piece of writing that interested me.

From the start, the topic was always going to be linked with design however not in the conventional way like others have done in the past, such as how has history effected design or what is design. These I found were too broad and yes they are interesting but I wanted something more personal to me and combine two of my passions, design and the outdoors, in particular, camping. This seemed to be a good idea as I would then be doing extensive research into a field I have considered a feasible design area I wanted to enter in a professional capacity after university.

Once I started researching into the modern tent and camping as a past time rather than a form of existence such as military or nomads, I realised that tent design has not just influenced the way tents have been designed but has also started to influence other areas of the design world. artists Adrienne Pao and Robin Lasser created tent dresses or ‘wearable architecture’, and tents have also entered into architecture as well with a good example being next to Ravensbourne, Richard Rodgers was inspired by tents to create the 02 arena (the dome).

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